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I have been working in various aspects of this industry for over 15 years. My portfolio is a very small taste of the work that I do. Please do not hesitate to ask for specifics. I appreciate your time and look forward to working with you!

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At EMPOWERED Designs, we redefine website development and management as more than just technical tasks.

We view it as an art – an art that creates compelling digital experiences tailored to elevate your brand.

Our services go beyond just the setup. In our management services, we take care of edits, updates, monthly metric reporting, and actionable insights.

Carlton Landing Vacation Rentals

Carlton Landing Vacation Rentals has been a client since 2021.


When we began working together the goal was simple: create a space online to showcase each of their homes. Over the years we have added multiple homes, reworked the layouts, set up marketing strategies, and are always developing the space and user-friendly design.

The Healing Underground

The Healing Underground is a company that used a template to DIY a website. Their efforts were valiant, but just as in any industry, there is a difference between DIY and professionals. Website design is no different. Beyond the apparent design upgrades you see, the two factors that make the largest difference for this company are a comprehensive brand kit and clear functionality.

Native Ground Land Company

Native Ground Land Company is a real estate group that needed to get its online presence established and create a brand identity within its industry. This company came to me with a few visions, and we worked together to process through each one. With this company, it became very important to work with them at their speed, and in their way. 

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In a world of cookie-cutter content marketers, EMPOWERED designs stand out.



Because we know there's no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to your brand, your audience, and your goals.

Content marketing consists of marketing with multiple forms of content. This includes, but is not limited to, social media marketing, blogs, articles, podcasts, emails, printed materials, courses, books, e-books, and videos.

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Manage With Hart

Manage With Hart is one of the companies who I work with for content marketing. This company was in start-up mode and was looking for someone to help take care of "all that social media stuff". We put together a 3-month launch plan to build brand awareness. Since that time we have utilized feedback loops, metrics, analytics, and market research to clarify offers, make strategic pivots to brand positioning, and continue to develop a marketing plan that suits the company's growth goals.

This client package includes, and is not limited to,

  • Social Media Marketing

  • Blog Creation

  • Email Newsletter

  • Promotional Materials for Podcast Guest

  • Marketing Management & Consulting

  • Website Management

Y. Hinton

Y. Hinton was a super fun client. She ran classes for jr high students. She reached out to get some help coming up with the script for her classes as well as a pdf for each. I created a full script and included an activity and a pdf for each class.

HighQ Neuro

I worked with a marketing agency for a year, between August 2023 - August 2024. During that time I managed the social media platforms, email marketing, and blogs of:

Not all of these platforms were the entire 12 months, however HQ, Health Assure, and My Wellness were the entire time.

The thing that I enjoyed most about this position was being able to work on such a high quantity of content. However, there is nothing compared to the ability to connect with clients and hear the heart behind company goals, helping to develop strategies and put together a content plan that suits each need. I am thankful for my time here, and even more thankful for my time outside of this position.

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Not everyone is ready to offload all of their marketing needs, nor does everyone want to.

We know that each company is different, and each has a different need. Some companies want to stay highly involved with their marketing efforts, and then some don't yet have the budget.

No matter where your company is on its journey we believe that you should have exceptional marketing available to you!

Rae's Rejuvenation Station

Rae's Rejuvenation Station had been in business for some time and was feeling very overwhelmed by all the "techy" things that seemed to be draining their time. After a few conversations, we were able to pinpoint some issues in pricing, develop a way to operate to produce recurring monthly revenue, and develop a brand identity.

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In the world of real estate, your needs are many and your business moves fast!


EMPOWERED Designs is here to help you manage the moving pieces so that you can do more!

Scissortail Realty Group

Scissortail Realty Group contacted us because they saw some of the work we did for a neighbor of theirs, Carlton Landing Vacation Rentals. This company sells homes within a unique community and wanted some signs made for their listings. On top of all of this, their independent website wasn't able to stay up to date. So we got to work.

We edited over 20 listings on their website, created signs for their listings, and will continue to manage these aspects. Once that was underway Scissortail Realty Group came back and asked about email marketing. They want to nourish those in their communities and serve them well. 

Chris Ham, Realtor

Chris came to me and wanted to have some consistency with getting all of his listings on his social media account. He didn't want anything over the top. He asked for a simple image and copy that was softer around the edges. So I got to put my writing skills to use and got to work completing this project!