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3 Simple Steps for Your Empowered Morning!

Updated: Jun 28, 2021

Mama those mornings can be rough! I know that all too well! I am so thankful that my husband and I have a rhythm that is helpful to everyone! I need to take a moment to brag on him! Since having the last 2 babies he has taken over getting the big boys ready. There have been plenty of days that the babies and I have been in bed while the big boys and dad have gotten ready and left for the day.

However, those mornings may function well, but they don't reflect the rhythm and the intention for our family. So I have found when I can create an Empowered Morning for myself it serves the rest of my family and me as I move forward into the rest of my day.

Here are my 3 simple steps to help you create your empowered morning!

  1. Go to sleep well.

  2. Have an intention.

  3. Make an Empowered Choice

Go to sleep well.

Waking up when and how you want to is directly linked to how you go to sleep. What mindset are you in when you lay your head down? What have you spent the last 30 minutes to an hour doing? What thoughts are you thinking as you drift off? How do you feel about the day you just experienced?

All of these things are important to helping you get a good sleep, what your subconscious mind is thinking and planning while you sleep, and how you feel when you wake up in the morning.

Have an intention.

Knowing why you’re doing anything is important. Especially getting out of bed. What are you normally thinking as you get out of bed each morning? Is it the pressures you feel causing dread and overwhelm before your feet even hit the floor? Is a lack of intention and depression that consumes you and makes it feel pointless to even get out of bed?

Setting an intention before you close your eyes helps you to know why you’re waking up the next day. Too often we live each day moment by moment as it comes. This keeps us from living those moments on purpose.

No matter what priorities fill your day or if you know it or not, You. Have. A. Purpose. Every. Day.

As you develop your empowered motherhood you will know what that purpose is and create how you will live it out in each moment.

Make an empowered choice.

Everything you do, or don’t do, in life is a choice. You get to make an empowered choice in the mornings as to which things feed your soul and get you going for the day.

While I love getting in the word in the mornings I have learned that I need to actually wake up first. So the first piece of my morning PAM (personal aromatherapy method) is to suit up! This is my Happy Mom Hack for getting dressed physically and spiritually. I have a playlist I listen to with my earbuds so I don’t wake up the rest of my family. I also have a skin care routine that is infused with quality products that makes the skin I live in feel great. That routine is also infused with affirmations and aromatherapy that makes the soul within the skin feel just as great!

The choice is yours mama, what will your morning PAM look like?

There you have it, your 3 simple steps to an empowered morning! These small happy mom hacks and mindset tools have made a huge difference in how I live out the moments that matter in my life. I am here to help you in this when you’re ready! Comment below or schedule your free coffee chat!

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