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7 Weeks to Emotional Freedom

There are 7 weeks left in this year!

Say that again?! Yes! I am in awe too! Where did 2021 go? What happened to the goals and ambitions and dreams you had at the beginning of this year?

We are going to use this last 7 weeks to journey through the 7 cycles of Empowered Motherhood Coaching Program.

What is Empowered Motherhood?

  • Living each moment with intention, in the fruit of the Spirit, and with the power and purpose God has given you.

  • Knowing that you are more than you have given yourself permission to be.

  • No matter what your days look like, you have the ability to live in those days the way that you want to.

“Every man is what he is, because of the dominating thoughts which he permits to occupy his mind.”

- Napoleon Hill


Our first Phase in the Empowered Motherhood Cycle is Assessment. This is such a vital step because what we see as the issue is the problem we are trying to solve, correct? So what is the issue?

Let The Light In

Have you ever walked by a room that needed cleaning, but you just did not have the mental space to handle it that day? What do most of us do?

Shut the door!

Turning the light off and shutting the door doesn’t solve the problem. It’s still there, even if you choose to ignore it. So today, I am challenging you to shine the light on life.

Trigger Assessment

Once you have identified the issue, assess those moments that feel chaotic and overwhelming. Start with one moment. If you need help identifying any of your moments, grab our Rhythm Refinement Guidebook.

Use those moments you identified as overwhelming, begin processing them.

What is happening?

What is going on at that moment in your day? It's important not to overthink these things. You're not looking for a root cause here.

Stay aware of the moment. Are the kids rowdy and being loud? Is everyone needing something from you? Are you just getting home? The list goes on and on. Write down exactly what is taking place in that moment.

How are you responding? What results are coming out of you in this moment of overwhelm?

What are the triggered emotions?

What is at the root that is coming up and actually causing the issue?

What words do you find yourself saying (or thinking) in those moments?

What are some better words that you can use instead?

I've attached a free pdf download of our Empowered Motherhood Trigger Assessment. This is one of the fundamental processes I walk my clients through. so enjoy this free gift!

Trigger Assessment
Download PDF • 40KB

This assessment phase is what will help you really pin point the moments of your life that are causing you to feel overwhelmed, angry, afraid, frustrated, exhausted, and so on.

By identifying these, you can begin to do two things.

  1. Focus on creating a plan to empower these moments.

  2. See all your other moments separate from those overwhelming ones. From that separation choose to feel gratitude and joy in those moments.

There are many more tools that go into this phase of our coaching program. I wouldn't be able to fit them all into this post. So make sure that you're getting close to the fire and connecting with other moms journeying this with you.

You can also join the Empowered Motherhood Coaching Program that best fits your needs and dreams.

If you'd like guided help through any of these steps, click here and schedule your Empowerment Session with me!

To Your Empowered Motherhood

- Brenna Stanford

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