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Affirm Your Purpose & Abide in His Plan

When iI started to ping this it was the last week of 2021 *haha* I am somewhat shocked! However, I am more enthusiastic and inspired! How are you feeling mama?

This week, in between Christmas and New Years, oftentimes feels unsettled, jumbled, and turbulent.

So give yourself grace mama! You’re doing an amazing job! And here’s 2 more phases that complete our empowerment cycle!


Your ability to change the way you think and believe is God given and Holy Spirit powered!

Affirmations are also key practices in many forms of belief or spirituality. What we know is that most beliefs house pieces of Christianity. And talking to yourself is actually a kingdom principle.

“For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he:” Proverbs 23:7

There are plenty of scriptures in the Psalms where we see this process happening. Many new testament instructions show us the power we have to direct our lives in alignment with Christ. SoDo you don’t have to be afraid of this! It’s beneficial for your soul!

Pro Tips to Maximize Your Affirmations!!

  • When we speak affirmations we need to be in a power-pose.

  • Set your intention in your mind, who are you as you say this?

  • Use aromatherapy, essential oils to create a stronger connection to your mind through your emotions.

  • Speak it outloud. You believe more of what you hear yourself say than what anyone else says.


Mama friend, this abiding is a choice. Napoleon Hill teached that making a definite decision is the starting point for achieving whatever it is that you desire. And anything other than a DEFINITE decision is no decision at all.

Choose to abide. Each moment, you make a choice. It is your choice that moves your forward or holds you back. What are you choosing consistently?

As I’ve learned this abiding it has been a little scary as I worried about the legalistic beliefs I had encountered, but it was more freeing. Jesus had been with me every step!

I’m so thrilled to get to offer you a choice to abide this year!

I have the privilege of hosting an amazing virtual conference for you! Subscribe to the site or comment “tell me more” to receive more information!!

To Your Empowered Motherhood

- Brenna Stanford

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