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Come Wash Your Face With Me!

Updated: Jun 28, 2021

How many times have you brushed your teeth while combing a kid's hair?

How often do you get a shower or bath that is all yours without wondering if that’s really the baby crying or having kids come in and ask you 20 questions?

How much enjoyment do you feel when you’re getting ready each morning?

How often do you get to eat your own meal, on your own plate, with ONLY your hands touching it, while it’s still hot?

I’m guessing that these are just a few of the things that you don’t get to do on your own and without interruption.

The number one thing I hear from moms about what gets in their way of doing something each day for themselves is TIME. With it being May, moms month, I want to start off by sharing with you one of my FAVORITE Happy Mom Hacks for crushing this excuse and getting to do at least one thing a day for yourself!

Thought Swap

Thought swap is how you turn those things that you have to do each day into things that you get to do. We are talking about you taking one of those have to's and turning it into a get to that serves you and becomes something that you do for yourself each day.

Before we dive off into how you're going to use Thought Swap, we need to address a belief that may end up holding you back and causing self sabotage or guilt when you attempt to do something for yourself.

I have a little exercise for you! Watch the video to check it out!

How was that experience?

This journey of discovery that we just went through is how you begin to create your Empowered Motherhood. This is the system that we use in our coaching sessions. Don’t rush this, save this blog and come back to it again. This is powerful.

For most of us the belief that drives those thoughts is that “I’m not good enough”. This lack of self worth keeps you from experiencing the life you are created to live. This lack of worth that runs your life is in direct opposition over what God speaks of you, why Christ died for you, and who you are in The Holy Spirit.

If you need to, go back to last week's blog and grab those affirmations! Start building your worth! Now, I am going to help you find the time to do it by using the Thought Swap Happy Mom Hack!

How To Use Thought Swap

You use Thought Swap to change the way you think about the things that you have to do each day and turn them into things that you get to do. It’s a simple swap, but oh so powerful!

To use this Happy Mom Hack, you take a task that you have to do each day like brush your teeth, and you get really intentional about all the autopilot things that are happening. Your mind doesn’t wander aimlessly anymore or run through your to-do lists or all the things bothering you. Instead you get intentional with what you’re thinking while you brush your teeth and you invest that time into yourself.

If you have to wash dishes, you choose which thoughts you’re going to think while doing that. This is a great place to have a podcast set up, affirmations in eyesight, or something else that strengthens your Empowered Motherhood. These are, in essence, tiny PAMs that you get to create throughout your day.

The goal of Empowered Motherhood is to feel the way you want to feel while creating the life you want to live. What you're learning right now is how you do that!

We are going to use Thought Swap to build a PAM for us to do together and practice this process as a community! No worries! We are going to start small. For the next 30 days we are going to each use this PAM (personal aromatherapy method).

You probably wash your face at least once a day. Or at the very least look at your face... No matter if it is in the morning or in the evening this is the “have to” thing that you are going to turn into the “get to”. Here are a few action steps for you to do in order to prepare for this PAM.

  1. Set an intention that this is time that you will invest into your worth and it will not be interrupted. *see video at the end of this blog* Choose which time of day this will happen and for how long. Try to keep it to a 20 minute minimum!

  2. Communicate this intention to those in your home who are awake at this time of day.

  3. Prepare your space. Have everything you need for the PAM, music, affirmations, face wash, wash rags, CBD Beauty Boost, Longevity Vitality, capsules, water, any other aromatherapy products you love. *everything you need is located at the bottom of this post*

  4. Start a timer. This timer is not to induce a response of rushing and hurrying, rather a sense of knowing that you can slow down and enjoy this moment. You have this allotted time that is all yours.

Our Mom’s Month PAM

20 - 40 minutes

Step by Step Guide

  • Enter PAM with 3 deep, slow breaths while eyes are closed. Stretch your body tall while breathing in and relax it while releasing your breath.

  • Intention Statement: I am worthy of this moment. I take care of my whole self.

  • While the water is warming up, turn on Mom’s Month PAM Playlist. Then drink 8oz water with Longevity Capsules. *The playlist is linked below as well as the information on products needed for this PAM.*

  • Next, begin to wash your face and then gently pat it dry. Slow down and take your time doing this. Let the love of God and His presence be with you in this moment.

  • Take a few more deep breaths and stretch again. This time allows your skin to air dry just a moment.

  • Massage CBD Beauty Boost into your skin. While you do it, be conscious of the sweet aroma and how silky smooth your skin feels as you massage it in. Continue to breathe deeply and slowly, being aware of God with you.

  • Up next, choose an essential oil to use. Place 2 - 4 drops in the palm of your hand. Slowly rub the oil in your hands in a clockwise motion 2 - 3 times. Then cup your hands over your nose while you take a few more long, deep, slow breaths.

Essential Oils to Choose from:

Stress Away - Frankincense - Valor - Lavender

Peace & Calming - Joy - Gratitude - Grounding - Abundance

  • Look in the mirror and make eye contact with yourself. Then, speak these affirmations out loud as you continue to breathe slowly and deeply:

I am created in the image of God, the image of perfection.

I am crowned with glory and honor.

It’s okay to feel weak. When I’m weak, then I’m strong. (2 Corinthians 12:10)

I am strong in the Lord and in his incredible power. (Ephesians 6:10)

I have a spirit of power, love and self-discipline. (2 Timothy 1:7)

I am deeply loved for who I am and not what I do. (Romans 5:8)

I love and respect myself for who I am right now. (Mark 12:31)

  • End your PAM with this simple prayer of gratitude. “Thank you Jesus for this moment to be with you and experience the worth you have placed inside of me. Create in me a pure heart that reflects you with my entire being.”

Share with us in Empowered Motherhood when you complete your PAM each day!

Take a selfie and tell us what emotion you’re feeling, and what you are declaring over the rest of your day or the next day!

Chat soon!

Brenna Stanford

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