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December Gifts from Young Living

This time of year is one of my favorites! There is so much excitement and generosity buzzing around. Don't be fooled, Young Living is about more than buying some oil. *if you've used these drops, or been around the company then you know this to be true.

So before I dive into all the goodies you have to look forward to in building up your PAM stock, check out this video about how you and Young Living give back every day!

Do you want to learn how to be a part of this amazing company?

Click here to jump to see your choices.

Amazing December US Promos

Check out all of the amazing goodness below!!

This wonderful sway was put together by our team leader! So dive in and learn all about these amazing free gifts you can cash in on this month. Don't forget, there are some amazing ways to shop for Christmas! So make sure you're plugged in and expecting!

If you are ready to get the tools you need to set up your Personal Aromatherapy Method then you have a few choices:

You can order directly from the company.

At anytime you want you can go to and order whatever you want whenever you want.

You can oder directly from the company using my referral number so that you are linked to my support team.

You can sign up for the Virtual Conference

You can join Empowered Motherhood Coaching

To Your Empowered Motherhood

- Brenna Stanford

  • Get texts from me! Text "Hey there" to me at (918) 322-7477

  • Make sure to tag us @EmpoweredMotherhood when you share on your social about your journey!

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