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Desiring More as a Christian [ fill in the blank ].

Desiring More as a Christian [ ].

This desire for more in our lives has both plagued us and stirred us. But which is it, a plague or a stirring?


"I love these kids, even though I am tired and beyond frustrated. I love these kids even though I am crying right now because I am feeling guilty about wanting to get away from them. I love these kids even though they fight all day long. I love these kids even though I spend hours cleaning the house then they spill cereal or milk on the floor. I love these kids but I am on the brink of having suicidal thoughts..."

A desire for more stability, more calm, more kindness.


"How can I unblock my creativity? How can I successfully run this business? How am I going to live if I fail? How am I going to live if I succeed? Is there any way to learn how to set boundaries in my business and life so I don't burn out? I have lost myself in the struggles to balance my job, family and life. How can I regain joy and peace in my life? I am stuck in a rut. Is there a way out?"

A desire for more rhythms, more balance, more purpose.

Fill in the with whatever you need to,

but your desire for more isn’t just about what piece of you you’re identifying with in that moment. It is the fullness of who you are in that moment and who you are as a human being!

Look at everything God has set into motion. There is growth. There is movement. Even the things that are stagnant aren’t really stagnant, they’re dying. slowly. Your desire for more of anything is a starting point. Realizing this desire is where you get to awaken to see what is influencing this desire, and what this desire can influence in your life.

Sister friend, you’re not alone!

This next little bit on the blog we are going to be discussing what this looks like, how we can get out of the rut we feel like we’re left in, and we’re going to do it with a Biblical perspective, using the Kingdom Tools that God has given us!

There is more for you! But that more isn’t more guilt, more frustration, more anxiety, more depression, more fear. The more that is for you is more peace, more power, more authority, more miracles, more love, more balance, more purpose, more passion, more relationship, more love.

During last year's chaos, when we all were so hopeful that the new year would somehow dissolve all the darkness, my pastor shared the perspective of how in the beginning the earth was in full darkness, formless and empty. And yet, there was God!

No matter which of those excerpts came from your mind (or if both did) God is with you! He hasn’t left you! It was actually God’s desire for more relationships that led to your creation!

Will you join me this month?

If yes, leave me a comment below and tell me what you’re desiring more of as we bring this year to a close!

To Your Empowered Motherhood!

- Brenna Stanford

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