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Do You Trust Yourself?

Updated: Jun 28, 2021

Do you trust yourself?

Do you trust yourself to follow through?

Do you trust yourself to be deserving?

Do you trust yourself to find the time?

Do you trust yourself to afford it?

I was reading the bible story of Noah and the Ark to my kiddos and a phrase in their sweet children's bible caught my attention.

"Noah did everything God told him to do."

I immediately thought of some of the tasks for a project, home chores, and a bunch of other things that God and I have planned together that still need to be done.

Can I say that I have done everything God has told me to do?

Can you say that you have done everything that God has told you to do?


Trusting ourselves can be the hardest thing to do. We’ve let ourselves down so many times in the past. What makes this Empowered Motherhood journey any different? What makes us think we will actually reach our Empowered Motherhood?

Mama, I am giving you permission to not trust yourself. Not only yourself anyway!

Trust me.

Trust the process.

Trust the community.

Trust that small voice nudging you this way.

Trust the Spirit of God in you.

Trust in your Father who loves you!

This process isn't about perfection. It is about progress. It is about learning and practicing simple steps to create the transformation that you desire!

It is about having someone in your corner to help encourage and uplift you!

I want to be in your corner! I want to encourage you and speak life into you! I want to see a transformation take place inside of you that transforms the world you live in!

Do you want transformation?

Do you want to live empowered?

Do you want more hope?

Do you want more happiness?

Do you want more time?

Do you want to find yourself again?

Do you want to have confidence in your worth?

Do you want harmony in your home?

Then mama, let's chat! You can click here to schedule a coffee chat with me or you can click here to register for our 7 Week Empowered Motherhood Intensive! we start Tuesday, March 2!

I am for you mama! You can do this!

To Your Empowered Motherhood

- Brenna Stanford

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