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Epic Giveaway


- From Myra Yarbrough

Eligible winners are in the Young Living downline of Myra Yarbrough. To join our team click below!

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Oh my word, I’m SO EXCITED for this super fun, amazing giveaway!!!!! What’s up for grabs for the next three months of work?!


You know that amazing collection of 120 oils, worth nearly $3000? Um yes, we are giving one of those away! And a beautiful oil shelf to display them all!!!!!


You guys. I LOVEEEEEE my BioMat. I sleep on it every single night. It makes me feel amazing. Peaceful, content and relaxed. Filled with Amethyst crystals, the BioMat has many health benefits. Trust me. Google it! I’m so excited to give three of these away!!!

This giveaway runs October-December!


How to enter? It’s SIMPLE!

  • Place a 300pv order (subscription or shop order)

  • Enroll a new customer with a 100PV order

  • Flip to a new rank

  • Help your personally enrolled brand partner flip to a new rank

Fill out this form every time you get an entry!!

The more entries you have the better your chances of winning an AMAZING prize!!

**YOU are responsible to keep up with your own entries. I would encourage you to keep a note in your phone or day planner with what you have already entered as we go through the next three months. Anyone on my team can enter to win this, so please share in your team groups!! Have fun sharing and sharing and sharing!!!!

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