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Essential Oils Wish List

Updated: Oct 21, 2021

I have a wonderful gift for you! This is a free downloadable PAM Wish List for your essential oils!

PAM Wish List
Download PDF • 303KB

A PAM is the signature system we use in our Empowered Motherhood coaching.

It’s an acronym for Personal Aromatherapy Method.

These PAMs are small anchors in your day to help you practice intention, stress relief, and living empowered!

This wishlist is for you to begin taking notes of the essential oils you want in your PAMs to help you achieve the goals that you have for each moment of your moments.

If you want help with that balance check out the Life Balance Masterclass!

Take a look at the 2021 Product Guide and make your wishlist! Have fun and ask questions!

2020-2021 Product Guide
Download PDF • 84.69MB

When you're ready to order I would love for you to use my referral number so we can be on the same team!

- XoXo

Brenna Stanford

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