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Highest Potential

This oil is AMAZING. If you’ve used it before then you know, but if you haven’t let me just tell you!!

My first experience with this oil came after my first scan (learn more about iToVi scans here) from Katy, which was not long after I had given birth to my second son. Before I knew I was pregnant I had become pretty mindful of needing to lose some weight and get healthy again. After I gave birth, I was ready to focus again, but there was still something missing... Then I scanned for Highest Potential. I went ahead and ordered it and committed to using it. I knew little about it, but I used it everyday. It wasn’t until hindsight equaled 20:20 that I realized the HUGE role this oil played in my postpartum life.

  • I was more determined and driven with my food intake.

  • I was more focused on my work outs.

  • I had more self control in other areas of life.

  • My emotions were so much better.

  • I didn’t have the baby blues with Zachery like I did Keegan.

  • Overall it was the first time in a long time that I had felt like I was giving my best at life and getting great results.  

That’s my story, but read these notes taken from Young Living Founder D. Gary Young at Young Living Convention 2004.... 

"There is hardly a day that I do not wear Highest Potential. It has the Australian Blue Cypress, Gathering, Jasmine, and Ylang Ylang..what a combination!
Highest Potential is a blend that if you use it with Envision, with Dream Catcher, and with Awaken, it starts creating that belief inside of you that nothing is limited, that you have ultimate potential.
That was the whole concept in creating this blend, to move you to your highest potential."

Myra shares this about Gary’s statements:

I can hear his voice in these words. He believed in people. In their potential. I believe with my whole heart this was one of the greatest gifts he gave us in our YL culture. It's the trickle down effect of believing in each other and FOR each other when our knees are shaking, our palms are sweaty and our lips are quivering. We CAN do this and we do it scared. Because someone somewhere believes we can even before we do.

This blend is incredible, magical, emotionally balancing and all the things.

Highest Potential is one of those essential oil blends that simply helps you feel good!

Here are some ways to use this oil:

  • Diffuse during the day, especially during your moments that can be more overwhelming.

  • Apply topically on your ears and over your heart.

  • Inhale during meditation and Treat Time

Enjoy stepping into your highest, most empowered, purposed filled potential!

To Your Empowered Motherhood

- Brenna Stanford


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