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How to Make Your Moments Matter, the Step by Step Guide

Awareness is the 3rd phase in our Empowered Motherhood Cycle.

This often begins to happen so naturally after the assessment and awakening phases that most people don’t realize they just processed through separate phases. These first three phases often run together pretty quickly, or if a person gets stuck in one phase the other two move through fast. However, no matter how similar these 3 phases are it is important to know the differences so that you can use the proper tools for when you need to phase through.

Don't Forget!

As you move through this phase and work on these Empowered Motherhood phases, be aware of what is happening inside of you and what you need to happen.

Need More Energy & Stimulation?

Use your uplifting aromatherapy products like peppermint, lemon, and citrus fresh.

Need More Calming & Grounding?

Desire More in Your Life

Do you remember the little chat we had last week about desires influencing? There are 7 priorities in our Empowered Life.

  • Salvation

  • Worth

  • Family

  • Finances

  • Job/Business

  • Social

  • Home

It’s your overall desires for these things, coupled with your belief, that influence your actions. So it’s important that you know how to make these moments matter. Well I have a Mindset Tool to share with you today! This is actually a fundamental piece of our Empowered Motherhood system that we use in our coaching.

Moments Matter Mindset Tool

Each moment is a gift. So many moments are wasted because we are focused on the wrong things. The to-do list, the burden of our responsibilities, the overwhelm we are feeling, trying to escape the chaos in our head that is constantly spilling over into our emotions and actions.

We aren’t able to live the life we dream of living because we are trapped in the one we are currently living in.

Moments Matter is all about intention setting.

Start with the overall desire for your life. In the Moments Matter Guidebook you are walked through how to identify that picture perfect image you have and then throw that out in exchange for your purposed conviction.

This is a Kingdom Principle that we touch more on in Just Two Minutes Devotion, purposed does not equal perfect! At this moment, you’re going to focus on your purposed conviction.

Purposed Conviction & Intentions

The next step is to keep that purposed conviction in mind as you write an intention for each of the 7 Empowered Motherhood Priorities. This alone will help you to establish an intentional mindset, coupled with your PAMs you’ll begin to see a shift in your days.

Moments Matter + Rhythm Refinement + PAM = Empowered Motherhood.

Intentions & Goals

The second half of the Moments Matter Mindset Tool is using those intentions to set SMART goals. When doing this you really only need to focus on 1 or 2 priorities at a time, 3 max. However, before you go all jumping into that second part, it’s important to make sure that your goals and choices each day are aligned. This is the 4th phase. So get started on this part and then come back next week!

You can also join the Empowered Motherhood Coaching Program and jump in with both feet right now!

If you'd like guided help through any of these steps, click here and schedule your Empowerment Session with me!

To Your Empowered Motherhood

- Brenna Stanford

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