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Kingdom Keys Are Yours

Updated: Jun 28, 2021

God has been placing me in audiences and in front of audiences that have stretched me. These wonderful people, his creation, his sons and daughters, who are good people, but who are not all in right relationship with him. The sons and daughters He is waiting on to come back home.

I have noticed and been amazed to see and hear the verbiage the world apart from Christ uses and believes. They believe in so many Kingdom principles it’s astounding!

& yet they attempt to see the desires of their hearts outside of Christ’s righteousness. They attempt to work these principles apart from the One who wrote them.


As the world has seen God’s people succeed, they have tried to implement the strategies and principles without being positioned with His authority and power that comes only through surrender.

But what is even more shocking to me is that, as the church has seen the world try to implement these principles and strategies we have shied away from the Kingdom keys we’ve been given.

Like somehow now they’re associated with the world and against God...

It reminds me of the meat sacrificed to idols. As we accept the provisions with thanks to God, it is clean, nourishing, and useful to us. *As long as another doesn't fall into idol worship because of us.

So how do we practically use the Kingdom keys we've been given and make sure that those around us aren't falling into "new age" beliefs?

We speak up!

We proclaim the name of the One true God, Yahwey! Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. The Son of God born by virgin birth, who is the Word of God made flesh. Who did not consider it wrong to be equal with God, AND made us his brothers and sisters!

It’s time we stepped up and stepped out to show the world the fullness of God’s glory and the One, True, Only way to the Father and this AMAZING life of living with Him!

  • Are you ready to learn your practical keys for living your kingdom life?

  • Are you ready to learn how to walk out with simple steps the things that seem so abstract?

  • Are you ready to live in the full freedom that God has designed you for?

  • Are you ready to bring more people into His Kingdom because they see His Kingdom at work in you?

It starts in you! In your heart, mind, and soul!

Your emotions. Your belief.

Your confidence.

Your peace.

Your hope.

Your love.

Your happiness.

I want to teach you! I want to journey with you as you learn how to live the more you've been longing for. I want to be apart of bringing the Kingdom of God to earth with you!

Are you ready?

Get texts from me! Text "hey there" to me at (918) 322 7477

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