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The Best Mindset Tool to Help You Achieve Your Goals

How many times have you decided to do a super fun diy project and jumped right in without stopping to check all the instructions and seeing if you have all the supplies?

How did that turn out for you?

haha I bet not as smoothly as you wanted to!

This is the exact reason that our alignment phase is soooo important! This is the last phase before we move into action. We can't skip this phase!

You may work through alignment and into action and then come back to alignment.

It can take anywhere from 18 - 254 days for a habit to become automatic and begin working for you. The average is about 67 days. So don’t rush this process mama!

But also, do the work. Too often we make things worse on ourselves because we are afraid to start. There is a wonderful balance of doing the work, bringing things into alignment, then doing the work in our action phase, then coming back into alignment as we measure how things are going.

Make use of all of the Empowered Motherhood community tools that you have access to! Here is a fabulous tool for you! This is our Good Better Best-Self Mindset Tool!

My pastors at Northside Assembly, Pastor Brian and Nancy Smith, are amazing people with an amazing heritage. One day Sister Smith’s father, Reverend Rowton, shared a word of encouragement. He said this mantra and it stuck with me!

Watch/Listen to learn how to use this Mindset Tool! And enjoy this free coaching! This is a piece of our each of our Empowered Motherhood Coaching Programs!

Good, Better, Best. Let me never rest until my good is better and my better is best.

Ephesians 3:14-21 is a prayer to strengthen your inner man by Aligning it with God’s spirit. And it is ended by declaring God’s great power to do immeasurably and abundantly more than all we can ask, think, or imagine.

So it’s time to start imagining!

Grab this free gift from me below! It is your journal page! Save, print, and journal! Then share your journal in our facebook group!

Session 3 - Step 1
Download PDF • 2.50MB

There are many more tools that go into this phase of our coaching program. I wouldn't be able to fit them all into this post. So make sure that you're getting close to the fire and connecting with other moms journeying this with you.

You can also join the Empowered Motherhood Coaching Program that best fits your needs and dreams.

If you'd like guided help through any of these steps, click here and schedule your Empowerment Session with me!

To Your Empowered Motherhood

- Brenna Stanford


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