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Time Freedom Blitz

Stop wasting time you don't have. Take back your days!

I have heard from over 2,000 mamas about what is stopping them from taking care of themselves and making steps toward emotions freedom they know they deserve. Almost every answer is a form of  "I don't have the time."

As I was seeing this my heart went out to you! I remembered what it was to feel deeply that I simply didn't have that time.

I was rushed with gratitude as I thought about the things I know now and the way I am able to take care of myself in a better way. I found the answers with God's help!

God equips the ones he has called, and he has called you to fulfill your purpose as his royal woman, to rule and reign over your home and the world around you!

Allowing the lies of "no time" to rule you, robs you of the destiny you were given in Christ!

Often times the lie is believed because life has been running blitz plays on you for so long, causing you to constantly be in reaction mode that you're not even sure what the play is that you came out to run!

You feel like you have no time for yourself, you are constantly giving to others, you are run down, and depleted. So now, let's address this in our FREE 3 Day Course: Time Freedom Blitz!

  • You will learn why getting your time back helps you be a better mom.

  • You will have a better vantage point of your schedule.

  • You will learn what to put in place to protect you from the blitz.

No more responding to life!

Sign up here and let's get going! You can have your time back and still be a good mama!

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