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What do you REALLY want?

The spiritual warfare you live in is meant to take you out!

When things come up and you go to fear mode, all these years, if allowed what we'd right down the rabbit hole to fear of death. This takes us right back to the base of our physiological and survival needs.

Oftentimes we don't see our goals achieved, completed in their fullness, because we get stuck on the hamster wheel of life. Maslow teaches that these most basic needs are set apart because they have a recurring nature.

  • Get water. Drink. Need more water.

  • Get food. Eat. Need more food.

  • Get money. Pay bill. Need more money.

This is that hamster wheel that consumes us and keeps us from living empowered in the fullness of who we are.

In Matthew 4, satan's first and second attempts at Jesus happened in similar ways. "If you are... then..." The thens are attacks of doubt on some of the basic (physiological) and safety needs that we have. The hamster wheel.

However, what intrigues me is...

his attempt to keep Jesus on that wheel. Attacking or questioning his identity, if you are… If by chance he can't get to you with questioning your other needs, then he is on to some of your higher needs. Let's be real, most Americans know as long as we go to work and punch the time clock, then those basic and safety needs are met.

This whole attack against your identity is an attack against your love and belonging needs.

When you find yourself fully with God, you know who you are. You know how deeply and intimately you are loved. From that knowing flows the esteem needs that you have. They too are filled. While living wonderfully, in this place is amazing, you still find yourself here.

  • At the end of another year…

  • In the exact same place you have been for years.

  • Unfulfilled.

  • Longing for more.

  • If there's been any movement, it's been slight.

My dear sweet friend, it is time to answer just as Jesus did. Not concerned with who they say you are. But declaring the heart of the questioning, I trust God and therefore I act in accordance with my purpose!

What is your purpose? Do you know?

It's more than losing the weight, making the money, or buying the thing. But when you're living your purpose you may just find those things happen anyway. *Check out Matthew 6:33*

So many times when we set goals they’re unclear, we don’t see how they’re attached to the legacy we want to leave in life, or we have no idea what we desire our legacy to be. The truth is you have that desire inside of you, it’s not if it’s there, the real question is what is it? That’s what God has commissioned me to do. Help you identify what and then establish a plan for how!

There is a level of belief and not knowing the answer, but there is another level of practicality in your reality while approaching it from true biblical faith!

So today I ask you, what is your legacy? What do you really want in this life?

To Your Empowered Motherhood!

- Brenna Stanford

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