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From Should to Sure Research

Are you a new business and completely overwhelmed by all the “expert opinions” for what you should do and offer, how you should market, and who you should market to?

Don’t be should on, anymore! Be sure!

I will do all the heavy lifting of market research for you. I will hear from you and discover the heart behind your business. Then I will take that and dive into your specific industry, your ideal client, and I will produce for you a robust and comprehensive report on the findings.

This will help you release all the should-ing voices, and decide for yourself what sure route you want to endeavor through.

Business ownership is hard enough without all the extra should.

Don’t be should on, anymore! Be sure with EMPOWERED Virtual Assistants!

Looking for a different kind of research? Go ahead and reach out! I can research more than one thing. 😉


  • Researching speaking opportunities

  • Researching guest post opportunities

  • Researching LinkedIn groups

  • Researching publishers

  • Researching podcast guests

  • Researching and applying to affiliate marketing programs

  • Researching programs and resources

  • Joint venture research and follow up

  • Product research

  • Sponsorship research

  • Travel research

  • Event research

  • Keyword research for Etsy, Pinterest, Google, etc.

  • Researching speaking opportunities

  • Market research

  • Hashtag research

  • Software and program research

  • Researching and condensing information

  • Researching and summarizing industry news

  • Education research

  • Solution research

  • Product price comparison

  • Licensing research

  • Patent research

  • Running promotions

  • Competition research

  • Creating SWOT analysis

Your needs are unique!
While this is a comprehensive list, we are not limited to it. Contact us and let's chat about your specific needs!
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