Oh sweet friend I get it. I know what it is like to be so in love with your family, and at the same time feel like you have got to find some sort of answer before you send them back to Jesus!

My story is one of this Empowered Motherhood Journey. You see God was leading me in this long before I knew what we were doing.

Through this divine direction, I found my happiness again, I found my purpose again, I found healing for my soul and forgiveness for my hurts. I found emotional freedom and now I get to serve you as you journey towards your empowered life!

Get to Know Me

Hey there! My name is Brenna Stanford and I help women live the life they were created to live, regardless of circumstances. I do this by using my signature PAM system to first establish emotional freedom and then move into deeper mindset growth to teach you how to become the person you were created to be. 

I am a mom to 4! In the first 10 years of my adult life I got married, bought our first home, had 4 kids, and moved 2 months post partum.  Lived in a travel trailer with said husband and 4 kids for 3 weeks and then bought another house!

My coaching expertise comes from my experience as a mom of 4, with depression, and 10 years in ministry work. I listen to the Holy Spirit and say in the words of Paul, "follow me as I follow Christ." - 1 Corinthians 11:1

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Why Empowered Motherhood

As Brenna has served those seeking inspiration, help, or advice over the years she found meaning and purpose in it. In 2020, God made a way for Empowered Motherhood to be established with a mission to provide the programs and systems to women so that they can also walk in their empowered purpose.


Emotional Freedom

Discover what it takes to stop reacting to life and living in overwhelm!

Life Change

Learn the practical tools to create small shifts that change your life!

Empowered Existance

Walk out your best, most purposed self, living boldly and shining your light!


Get to Know My Work


Best Selling Author on Amazon!

Ambitious Women Rise is a #1 International Best Selling Book Collaborative between myself and a handful of other women!


Some of the women I know personally. They are wonderful, lovely women with stories of how God has provided as they have arisen through the ashes.


I share my own story in this book, and because you are purchasing yours through Empowered Motherhood and supporting this movement I have an extra gift for you!


You will get an exclusive Arising in Empowered Purpose Guidebook and the opportunity for guided texts from me!

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Author of Just Two Minutes

an interactive devotion for moms

A devotion born from a mother's heart. Written and re-written as mom life taught lessons and God brought new tools! Just Two Minutes is a 30 day, highly interactive devotion. It's easy to use, and guaranteed to help guide you into your own Empowered Motherhood! You will gain your moments back and find emotional freedom in this downloadable devotion!

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