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Why did I need two minutes a day?! 

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🤔 I couldn't remember the last time I had daily quiet time on a consistent basis...

😤 I struggled to get up before the kid who slept with me, because the minute they felt me go, they’re up too!

😭 I had moments everyday that I felt absolutely drained.

🙄 I struggled to focus my mind when I did finally find a moment!


Girl yes!! 😉 You’re not alone! I was there!

👉🏻 that’s why God put this together for us!!

It took me 7 years to journey this road and I have landed in a true mom empowerment bliss. God taught me a lot! And now you have the opportunity to access these tools! Probably sooner than I did! 😂


So mama, don’t waste another day feeling trapped inside your own home, your own motherhood! 🙅🏼‍♀️


Empower yourself! 💪🏻

The most interactive devotion you've ever had!

You get 7 truths, 3 deeper dives into those truths, and 2 bonus truths! What makes Just Two Minutes so unique is that it's uniquely yours!

- Personalization -

- Grows with you -

- Places to journal -

- Videos -

- Pro Tips -

- Challenges -

- Connect to Empowered Motherhood FB Group -

A devotion born from a mother's heart. Written and re-written as mom life taught lessons and God brought new tools! Just Two Minutes is a 30 day, highly interactive devotion. It's easy to use, and guaranteed to help guide you into your own Empowered Motherhood! You will gain your moments back and find emotional freedom in this downloadable devotion!

You can join this movement by getting involved with any of our programs, becoming an active member in our online community, and donating to this cause. Click below to see a few options for you to give to specifically, or you can donate to the general cause and we will use it as needed.

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