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Basic Needs for Marketing Your Business

Starting a business? Or looking to level up your existing one? We’ve got you covered with the fundamental marketing essentials. Let’s break it down.

For the Newbies: Low Overhead, High Impact

Social Media Outlets: Your Online Voice

Choosing the right social media platforms can make or break your online presence. So many businesses fail because they're out here just slinging spaghetti at the walls and hoping it sticks!

You want to find the platforms that align with your business brand and your ideal client. Then, you will want to craft a content strategy tailored around your goals for each platform.

Finally, the secret sauce: a simple, scalable content calendar to keep your audience engaged. This doesn't mean you have to post 20 times every day. But this does mean that whatever you choose, you remain consistent.

Ummm... hello! Ask me how I know, as I come in off of a few months with little to no social media content and zero blogs & email marketing!

Email Marketing: Your Virtual Goldmine

Email marketing is alive, well, and thriving. Year after year email marketing continues to be the place with the highest ROI.

You will want to learn how to nurture your leads effectively, and find the balance of value and offers that your ideal client wants.

I want to introduce you to my favorite stand-alone email marketing tool, Aweber. Awebber is an easy-to-use, drag-and-drop email builder that has one of the best customer service teams and super competitive prices!

Before I began hosting my email through my website platform, I used Aweber and was always so impressed with its functions and simplicity.

BONUS! Aweber also has landing pages and forms as an option for those of you who don't yet have a website. These are particularly useful for crafting the user experience and generating high-converting opt-ins!

For the Ambitious Entrepreneurs: Elevate Your Brand

Website: Your Digital Storefront

Speaking of websites, your website is your online storefront. It is so important for you to have a website that reflects your brand, what you offer, and speaks directly to your target audience.

Social Media Ads: Boosting Your Reach

Targeted social media ads is definitely something that you will want to look into. As you develop your marketing budget make sure you check into where you want your ad and what you want the goal of the ad to be.

Organic content is a must, but paid advertisements will always help you reach either a broader audience or deeper into your current audience. Make sure your ad fits your brand messaging.

UGC Partnerships: Harness the Power of User-Generated Content

User-generated content is a game-changer. In a world where more and more distrust of big business, and elite systems arise, UDG and micro-influencers have become the new norm.

I would challenge you to discover how partnerships with your audience can enhance your brand’s credibility and reach.

Backlinking & PR: Building Trust and Authority

Backlinking and PR strategies help to build trust and authority in your industry. These are everything from guest blogs and podcasts to published articles and collaborative engagements.

The reason these work is because it creates a scenario in which someone else vouches for you and you do the same for them. Your brand becomes about more than just you. (Remember the distrust thing...) When you create a brand that has a shared mission then you are creating something that others can buy into, literally.

Data & Analytics: Informed Decisions, Better Outcomes

Understanding your audience through data and analytics is crucial. No matter what avenues you choose to implement into your marketing plan, make sure that you are checking on that data, and then analyzinge that in order to make better, more informed decisions.

Content Marketing: Your Brand’s Storytelling

Content is king. Regardless if you're content is on a social media platform, a blog, or any other. Find your space and pump out that content. Again, consistency is better than big explosions of content for short periods of time. Consistency is how your content will make it up that algorithmic hill!

Social Media Management: Effortless Engagement

Last, do not forget to actually be social on your social media! The algorithm is smart. No posting and ghosting. No scheduling for every little thing. No editing outside then using some third party to schedule it all.

Don't get me wrong, third-party tools and scheduling is a lifesaver! BUT you have to manage your social media. You need to interact and engage with others. You need to find things that are on trend and that you can replicate and get in on. You need to show up in your stories and be real.

It doesn’t have to be overwhelming. It can be small. Remember: CONSISTENCY.

A Game-Changing Tool: Our Market Research Report

The last thing I want to share with you today is a tool that, regardless of where you are on your business journey, will become your secret weapon. You will gain invaluable insights, understand your audience better, and make strategic decisions that fuel your success. Not just for now, but for later too!

Our Market Research Report is a full and robust report that will help you get in the nitty gritty and gain clarity with those tough details, plus you will have more than enough options to start developing your marketing strategy and your business operations strategy.

From there you move through the execution list provided so that you can stay clear-headed and moving forward.

Learn more about the Market Research Report here!

So there you have it, a whole lot of information about marketing your business. The question now is what are you going to do with it all? Will this be another blog you read while you try to DIY everything or will you finally begin to make progress on what you offer and how you can effectively market your business?

Comment and tell me one thing you are going to start doing! OR comment and ask me a question!

I look forward to hearing from you!

With Blessings!

- Brenna Stanford

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