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1 Month Reusable Design Template
  • 1 Month Reusable Design Template


    I am thrilled to announce the beta test of my newest digital products!


    This is your reusable 1 month of graphics for your social media. After designing thousands of graphics for multiple businesses in various industries, I have learned that there are some basic needs for every business. 


    This template is set up for 1 month at 3 posts per week. You can make a copy of this template for each month and customize it that way.


    Monthly Set Up

    • 1 review
    • 1 about/faq
    • 2 (or 4) services
    • 8 (or 6) Mix of your Content Buckets


    Rotate the templates monthly. Example review 1 on months 1 & 3, review 2 on months 2 & 4, and so on. Do this for review, about, and services.


    Use the remaining 8 templates with your content buckets. The best thing to do is to make a copy of the design feed for each month, and then edit in that month’s copy. You can use the style tab to mix up the colors so it doesn’t get repetitive.



    • Use the “position” > “layers” function to access elements.
    • Make sure to apply your brand style.
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