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Happy Mom Hacks: My Favorites to Create an Empowered Morning!

Updated: Jun 28, 2021

We all know empowered mornings are more helpful when our whole family is empowered with us! So here are a few of my favorite Happy Mom Hacks to cultivate the atmosphere of an Empowered Morning for the WHOLE family!

1. Teamwork Makes the Dream Work!

2. Set the Energy!

3. Sense the Fun!

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Creating an atmosphere of teamwork is so helpful in this process. Communicate with your family what your goals are for this piece of your rhythm. Ask them what their goals are, how do they want their mornings to feel and flow? Then create a plan together that they can take some ownership in and feel involved with.

Mama, carrying this out rests on your shoulders. So I want to teach you how to use our Moments Matter Mindset Tool to make this moment successfully empowered. You have set an intention and an expectation of teamwork with your family. Now is the time for you to put in the real work. Position your mindset properly. Instead of positioning yourself like a ref on the sidelines, watching to see if who is doing their job properly and who isn’t, position yourself in the field or on the court with your team and look for ways you can serve their goal of teamwork.

This small matter of positioning sets your thoughts up for success. Your vantage point has now shifted from “see who’s doing something wrong” to “how can I help create teamwork”.

Set the Energy

You, mama, are the tone setter of your home. You are the thermostat not the thermometer. That old southern saying, If mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy is true. So you get to be the one to set the tone. Make sure to take care of the things we discussed in the last blog. This is truly important and will help you to create your Empowered Morning.

Another thing that will help you set the energy for the mornings is music! Create a fun, upbeat, positive playlist to play in your home while you are all getting ready! Here is mine!

The same way that music helps to create a great energy in your home, affirmations can also do this. It can be as simple as you want it! While your kiddos are waking up, say out loud “Today is the best day yet!” “You had a great day!” Now those are super generic phrases that blanket a whole day. As you know the goals and desires of your children in their days you can speak those over them. In my home it sounds like this, “You made a really great pokemon trade!” “You scored the winning goal on recess!” “You aced your test!” Have fun with it and get creative!

Sense the Fun

It’s important to make use of your aromatherapy products in your home! This is an essential oil blend that I love to use in the mornings, afternoons, evenings, really anytime! Joy Essential Oil Blend!

You can diffuse it in the areas of your home that your family will be waking up in and using before you all leave. You can diffuse it by itself or partner it with another favorite! Some of my favorite pairings are Stress Away, Frankincense, Citrus Fresh, Envision, Abundance, and Lavender!

If you don’t have your aromatherapy products you can get them here. Or you can simply buy Joy here.

Alright mama! You’re headed in the right direction! You have begun to create your Empowered Mornings and now you’re getting your family on board too! You are unstoppable! Make sure to jump over into Empowered Motherhood and share with us what you’re doing! You may also leave comments here on the blog!

Chat soon!

Brenna Stanford

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