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Intentions vs Affirmations, & 15 of Each

Updated: Jun 28, 2021

We've been chatting about some basic mindset things and how practicing them can help us out in this mom life. So today, let's get a little clarity on what those things are.

Intention is the state of mind that you operate from. This is the way that you approach experiences. Intentions require thoughtfulness and planning. Your intention answers the question, "who am I"?

Affirmations teach you to believe that something is true. Affirmations are like instructions for your thoughts and beliefs. I recently heard a great teacher say that you think with your brain, but your brain doesn't think. A Biblical proverb says that a man is what he thinks.

While both of these are great, these are the mindsets and practices behind the actions.

Intention + Affirmation = Mindset

Mindset + Choice = Action

Action + Repetition = Life

Let's check out 30 wonderful intentions and affirmations!

15 Intentions for Empowered Moms

  1. I am whole.

  2. I am a new creation.

  3. I am free.

  4. I am joyful.

  5. I am loved.

  6. I am understanding.

  7. I am kind.

  8. I am patient.

  9. I am healed.

  10. I am confident.

  11. I am peaceful.

  12. I serve others.

  13. I bring goodness to those around me.

  14. I add value to my world.

  15. I am grateful.

15 Affirmations for Your Stress Free Summer PAM.

  1. I walk in step with The Holy Spirit.

  2. God's light shines through me.

  3. I offer love in every circumstance.

  4. I celebrate and laugh with my children more than I correct and discipline.

  5. I offer mercy to my husband.

  6. I love to listen to my children.

  7. I unapologetically enjoy my children.

  8. I pursue my giftings, and as I do I bring glory to God.

  9. I ask for help.

  10. I do not try to understand it all.

  11. I trust God.

  12. I am an example for my children.

  13. I live with God in every experience.

  14. My moments matter and I am intentional with each of them.

  15. I take quick actions, no matter how small.

Now, take a quick action and set these up in your PAM. Each action you take is a step closer to your best self. God has put so much greatness inside of you! Now that you're learning more about your mindset and how you can shift that, you can begin to take steps. God is action. You are made in His image and you are therefore an action taker!

You've got this mama!

To your Empowered Motherhood!

- Brenna Stanford

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