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You'll Never Guess What He Said

Updated: Jun 28, 2021

One day while God and I were hanging out and working on some belief practices I asked him, "well what sets us apart from all the other people believing for something and seeing it manifest in front of them and they're not Christians?"

You'll never guess what he told me!!!!!

"They're all my children."

Yea, that's right. Let's go alllllllll the way back to creation. God reminded me that EVERY human is a child that He knit together in their mothers womb, that they are His masterpiece, and made in his image.

When they speak, they carry with them a reflections of His voice.

And don't forget that words have power. Thoughts are our way of shaping and creating our lives. As a man thinks so is he.... Power of life and death is in the tongue...

So I said, "okay God so what makes us different?"

"You carry with you my Spirit and authority."

When he created Adam and Eve and set them in the garden he told them to rule. We are all sons and daughters of Adam. But when He sent Jesus, He gave Him all authority through the Holy Spirit.

I mean, forget the fact that Jesus is a product of the Holy Spirit coming upon Mary, and the Jesus had lived an absolute perfect life. (2nd child syndrome had to be real with his brothers haha)

When Jesus was baptized, the Spirit came down and rested upon him. Jesus opened his ministry by saying that he was anointed by the Spirit to preach, heal, and set free. The people around him were astonished at the new teaching that held so much authority.

While people who are not surrendered and living in right relationship with the Father are still children of God who carry with them a reflection of his voice, those of us who have come to him through Jesus have his Spirit and authority within us.

Jesus is the only way to the Father. After salvation we are able to be filled with Holy Spirit. (that's not the Holy Spirit's only work, but that chat is for a different day.) And Jesus says that we will do even greater things than He has.

Take a moment today and read through Luke. If you want to jump right into this section it starts in chapter 4.

Pay attention to the abundance and fullness that comes through Jesus. Ask yourself, are you experiencing that same abundance and fullness?


I'd love to take you on one last journey today.

Right in the middle of chapter 5 there is a story of how a paralyzed man had friends bring him to Jesus. But when they got there they couldn't find a way in. So they went up on the roof, tore a whole in it, raised the man and the mat he was laying on up and then lowered it down.

Don't skip over imagining what their reality looked like and felt like. The determination, the resilience, the boldness, the audacity to tear a whole in someone's roof!

Let that reflect their desperation, their commitment.

You may not be paralyzed and unable to move physically. But tell me about your mental, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing. Do you get sticky sometimes? Do you flat out get stuck at other times?

We want you to join us. We want to be your friends that don't quit on you. We want to do whatever it takes to see you freed and whole. Walking out carrying the mat you were brought in on.

I know that you may not feel like you're paralyzed.

I know that you are a strong woman of God.

I know that you do the very best you can.

I know that you love your family.

I know that you appreciate your job.

I know that at the end of the day you really are grateful for the life you have.

You see I also know that there is MORE!

I know that Jesus has come to set you FREE INDEED.

I know that he has so much goodness for you that your boats are to the point of sinking because the catch was so big! (check out Luke 5)

I know that God has put us here together so that we can do that together.

I want to invite you to jump over to and register for our 7 Week Group Intensive.

You are worth it mama!

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