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Living Empowered Means Taking Action

This is the pinnacle, at this point you have learned a lot about yourself. A lot about some of the things that have been holding you back, causing frustration and maybe even joy. So now you get to from those PAMs, and start practicing this inner, deeper empowerment!

When it comes time to putting it all into action you there are 2 main questions to consider. And neither one of them are when!




This is the first and most important question as you begin to put all of this into action. WHO are you? WHO are you showing up as? WHO are you created to be!

Matthew 8 has gotten me on this question as of late. The crippled man sees Jesus and says "If you are willing, you can..." and Jesus responds with "I am willing, Be...!"


That's it. It's that simple. BE who you are called to be. When you are being, you end up doing... so take a moment and ask yourself, who are you called to be? What are the things your called being does, thinks, feels, says? Then BE!

The 2nd question ask yourself as you begin to plan is ‘How am I going to accomplish this?’ This part can get sticky too, but here’s why…

It’s so crippling!! We get so caught up in trying to figure out every little detail. But you can look back through the Word of God and see that over and over again, He gave the strategic moves as they needed to be given, and all other moves were people doing what they knew to do in that moment.

So God showed me a Happy Mom Hack and I want to share it with you!

The AND’S task management!

AND is an acronym! Action Necessary. Defense.

Action - offense and defense.

Necessary - oranges and skittles,

Delivery - what and when, Shin-Dig - stop & celebrate!

I have attached a free PDF download for you to use!

4 week Guidebook
Download PDF • 1.71MB

All of these PDFs are pieces of the Empowered Motherhood Guidebook or PAM Journal that you get when you join our coaching program!

As you maneuver through and reach your What's & When's, make sure to go back to your Rhythm Refinement and place them properly.

This action phase is where you get to start seeing results take shape in front of you!

If you'd like guided help through any of these steps, click here and schedule your Empowerment Session with me!

To Your Empowered Motherhood

- Brenna Stanford


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